What You Need to Know About Sunscreen

Summer is finally here which means spending time outdoors and with that comes the stress of selecting a sunscreen. With so many sunscreens on the market, it can be overwhelming to pick one that is right for you. So, before you shop for one this is what you need to know. Choose a sunscreen with a broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher.

Broad spectrum protects you from both UVA (ultraviolet A radiation) and UVB (ultraviolet B radiation) rays. The difference between UVA and UVB – A rays or UVA has a longer wavelength. These rays penetrate everyday, year round, even through windows and clouds in winter. It is associated with skin aging and can contribute to skin cancer. UVB has a shorter wavelength and is associated with skin burns.

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. This is the number that you’ll see on the side of your sunscreen bottle, like SPF 30, for example. A sunscreen with SPF 30 will protect you from around 96.7% of UVB rays, whereas an SPF of 50 means protection from about 98% of UVB rays.

There are two types of sunscreens, chemical and mineral. Mineral sunscreens are physical meaning they work like a shield. It sits on the surface of your skin and deflects the sun’s rays. The main ingredients are titanium dioxide and zinc, minerals that are classified as safe and effective by the FDA. Apply a mineral sunscreen if you plan on spending time outdoors.

However, if you are doing activities like swimming or running where you will be sweating then you will need a chemical sunscreen. Chemical sunscreens works like a sponge absorbing the sun’s rays. Avoid using products that contain oxybenzone.

Growing up we never wore sunscreen in our household because we were told that the sun does not affect darker skin tones. This is a myth! Sun damage including sunburn happens no matter what color the skin. Regardless of skin tone – light to dark, wear sunscreen every day and have a skin exam once a year.

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CitizenM Hotel Boston

CitizenM which stands for “citizen mobility” is a hidden gem of a hotel located in the heart of Boston’s transportation and entertainment district. Adjacent to North Station, TD Garden and Hub Hall, this CitizenM Hotel is one of those hotels that are breaking the mold of what a hotel has traditionally been. It goes beyond being a place to simply rest your head but the perfect hotel for an overnight trip, staycation or spending a fun night in the city when catching a Bruins or Celtics game.


A one night stay starts around $250, but can set you back as much at $400 for a room on a higher floor with better views including breakfast, all taxes and fees. Pricing may also vary depending on the time of year you are booking your reservation due to a combination of high demand i.e sporting events and concerts in the area at the time and limited supply.


Checking into the hotel as well as checking out takes just a minute using the self-service kiosks or free CitizenM app. Guest can download the CitizenM app and use it to control their room, order food & drinks or charge purchases to their room. There is a concierge known as an ‘ambassador’ available at the desk if you need assistance with making a room key cards, which is also needed to access the elevator. Hotel team members are called ‘ambassadors’. They were very friendly and ready to assist us with sightseeing, directions, and local dining recommendations.


There are 272 rooms at this Boston location. All rooms are the same size. It’s cozy and perfectly designed for two adults, with one XL bed to share. Everything in the room is controlled via an iPad called “The MoodPad”, including the TV, lights, temperature and scheduling housekeeping. It’s largely intuitive but worth knowing about in case you’re not tech savvy. There are switches throughout the room as well so you can easily control the bedside lamps, room lights, etc. Rooms are fitted with blackout blinds and free Wi-Fi for all your entertainment.

The bathrooms do not have bathtubs however it does have a powerful rain shower. Toiletries like shampoo and hand soap is available in the room. But you will not find any coffee, tea or bottled water. If you need bottled water or snacks I would recommend stocking up at CVS conveniently located across the street.

Lobby / Amenities

The lobby of the hotel is set up as communal living rooms with different types of spaces for working and lounging. The living spaces are furnished with high-end artwork, books on photography architecture, fashion and travel. The founder and CEO of CitizenM Mr Rattan Chadha said the lobby was meant to be styled like the living room of a very well-travelled person.

There is a bar in the middle of the living room which also doubles as a breakfast buffet in the mornings.

You can also enjoy a drink on the outdoor patio and enjoy the breathtaking views of downtown Boston.


The hotel restaurant called CanteenM serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner of good quality. Guests can enjoy drinks at the bar. Open 24 hours. Breakfast is served from 6 AM to 11 AM for a surcharge of USD 18.95 per person. An all day meal package costs $44.94 and a lunch package is $16.05.


If you’re visiting from out-of-state, you can easily save money by utilizing the subway rather than renting a car for your stay. If you do decide to use a car, take note you will have to pay for parking as the hotel does not provide parking neither do they validate parking. However, there are numerous parking garage options within a mile of the CitizenM for you to choose from. Be aware parking prices in this busy Boston location can cost you as much at $75 for twelve hours.

Would I recommend this hotel to a friend – Yes 

I am all for hotels that incorporate art, culture and community into its ethos. CitizenM definitely delivered on all three. It easily ranks up there among the best hotels I’ve stayed at in Boston. Recommended for short stays only as the rooms are fairly small but fitted with everything you need. If you plan on spending a lot of time in your room then I would suggest staying at a more traditional hotel.

** There are 13 CitizenM hotels in North America and 17 hotels in Europe.

Shopping for Bags for your Travels

     SwissGear Luggage                                                  BAGSMART Toiletry Bag


Plaid You’re Here??

With fall comes plaid.  Of all the prints synonymous with fall this graphic pattern is as fresh and chic as ever. It is timeless, versatile, and available in a myriad of flattering color palettes.

Getting my fall look in check(s) in this pair of plaid trousers. It is the most accessible way to tap into the plaid trend and get it right. Straight legs are great with a pair of ankle boot or try wide-leg pants with all-white sneakers for a super cool look. Pair with a cozy turtle neck sweater and you are good to go.

Scroll down for more plaid looks to get you inspired.

Doc Marten Boots | Pants | Turtleneck Sweater | Plaid Blazer | Plaid Shirt

Fall Boots to Wear Now??

Footwear really sets the tone for an outfit, and it’s a great way to transition a look with the change of seasons. I’ve been anxiously waiting to wear my new boots from Shoe Dazzle.  However, with the warmer weather we’re having boot weather isn’t quite in full swing yet.  So, I decided to pair some of my favorite summer dresses from my closet with my new fall boots. Going tights-less while the weather allows?

Love these western-inspired Talah ankle bootie featuring a block heel, pointed toe, and side zipper closure.
I loved pairing my romantic summer dress with these Annabeth Quilted Flat over-the-knee boots featuring a quilted front panel, stretchy neoprene back and buckle detail.
This chic Equestrian-Inspired look has to be one of my favorites. Will probably be adding a blazer next week. You never know what this New England weather will surprise you with ?

Which are your favorite boots to wear right now? Ankle boots or Over the Knee Boots?

*Sponsored by Shoe Dazzle

Photo Credit: Andrew Swaine

Find Your Perfect Fit with Eshakti

Easy to wear and effortlessly feminine, nothing spells out chic like a perfectly tailored jumpsuit.  We know that purchasing a jumpsuit that fits your body perfectly is key to looking polished and put together.  But shopping for jumpsuits can sometimes be a little intimidating especially if you’re shopping on-line.  You don’t want to end up with a jumpsuit that makes you look shorter or wider than you are.

That’s when made-to-measure eShakti comes in.  eShakti tailors each individual garment to the customer’s size, body type and in some cases style preference. Buyers can get the kind of neckline, sleeve and length they require. Customers also have the option of changing some details to the garment, too, like a straighter silhouette or longer length.


This is my first garment from eShakti and I am so impressed with the quality and service I’ve received. I feel spoilt with the personalized touches and the fit is perfection. Have you tried eShakti? What was your experience? If you have not, you need to check them out.


It’s an incredible time right now where there’s a tremendous push for personalization in categories like food, jewelry and furniture so why not clothing. Every girl deserves the option of pockets at no cost? Have a wonderful week ahead Lovelies ?

*Sponsored by eShakti

Photo Credit: Andrew Swaine

Teddy Blake Handbag Labor Day Sale is on!!!

Hope you all are enjoying the last sun-soaked long weekend of summer. I know it is sad to put away those bathing suits. But we can all agree nothing cures the end of the summer blues like the standout Labor Day deals.  So, dry your tears on the nearest beach towel because Teddy Blake has up to 60% off on luxury handbags.  Yes, you heard right!  These deals are just way too good to pass up. 

The eye candy on the Teddy Blake website is plentiful, but what caught my eye immediately was the “Kim Stampatto” collection.  This collection comes in two sizes and various colors.

Fall has me clamoring for rich textures and deeper colors so naturally the 11” Kim Stampatto Red bag made my heart skip a beat.  This structured design has all the elegance and pose to take any look from day to evening with ease. The gold hardware against the soft pebbled Italian leather pairs beautifully and gives this bag a very elevated final aesthetic.

The chic Kim Stampatto bag comes with a top handle as well as a longer strap option, which allows for the bag to be worn cross-body resulting in maximum functionality.

Whether you’re shopping for an updated everyday bag or a new silhouette to freshen up your evening assortment then the Kim Stampatto is for you. We are making our way right on into the new season and its time to treat yourself to a new handbag! ?

*Sponsored by Teddy Blake

Photo Credit: Andrew Swaine

MultiMasking! Maskup & Be Safe

Since April when the CDC released a statement that all Americans wear a face mask in public, reusable masks have evolved from being a niche product to being an everyday essential. Although any mask is better than no mask to help slow the spread of the coronavirus, we have grown savvier about shopping for masks with protective layers.  


1. The best mask is one that fits you properly. It should be comfortable and cover the nose and chin without slipping.

2. A cloth mask should be washed and dried after each use. Because the virus cannot live for more than a week on cloth surfaces, an alternative is to make or buy seven masks — one for each day of the week.

Here are some of my favorite masks from Etsy:

Etsy: Besitoz
Etsy: NoireLane

Visibility matters. We need to see more people wearing them, both online and real life, so it becomes the norm.

Stay safe and Be Well.

Regrowing Veggie Scraps

Instead of composting my celery stems. I decided to regrow them.  I also regrew some green onions and I’m so pleased with the results. 

They grew quite quickly, and once the roots came in I potted them in some soil.  Have you tried propagating veggie scraps?

Give it a try.  Here are some helpful tips to propagate your veggie scraps successfully:
– Keep in bright indirect sunlight
– Change water every 1-2 days to prevent them from smelling
– Fill water to only cover the roots .
– Transplant them from water into soil as soon as they show roots and new green growth.

If you have propagated veggie scraps what veggies did you regrow?

Mental Health and Wellness

Many of us are struggling to keep it all together during these unprecedented times. COVID-19, protests highlighting systemic racism and police brutality, economic uncertainty, unemployment, natural disasters, political changes and the future of education (just to name a few) has left us physically, mentally and emotionally drained. 

The storm of emotions I am feeling is also raging on for many. It’s a lot to handle, and it’s having a disastrous impact on our mental health. Mental health conditions impact the entire family. We need to have strategies that allow us to experience relief and recharge so we can be a support for our loved ones. The more we take care of our mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, the better we will be able to show up for ourselves and for each other.

Take some deep breaths and ask yourself:

  1. How am I feeling?
  2. What do I need?
  3. What am I grateful for?
  4. What can I do today that makes me happy?

Self Care Tips:

  1. Keep in contact with people who bring you happiness.
  2. Journaling or writing down thoughts and feelings can be a great way to release emotions.
  3. Move your body.  Exercise releases endorphins. Make it a priority to commit 30 minutes each day for a walk.
  4. Limit your social media intake.
  5. Be gentle with yourself.

How are you going to love and care for yourself this week?

Listening, Learning But Not Silent

I put off starting an Instagram account for the longest time.  When I finally did I was thrilled because it is so fun and lighthearted. It gives me the opportunity to meet some incredible, creative and diverse groups of supportive people. Over the last few weeks Instagram was sadly not a fun escape. The video of George Floyd’s murder as well as the horrific murders of so many black lives was and still is devastating. 

Many used their voices and social media platforms to show support for black lives. People were sharing, reading, posting, reflecting, listening and donating. Some struggled and were not sure what to say or what to do while others had tough conversations with friends and families about racism, prejudice, injustice and discrimination against black Americans.

We all are not perfect and sometimes we may fail to be the perfect ally to black communities or people of color but we can’t let our fear of failure stop us from continuing this lifelong commitment to dismantle systematic racism.  As a South African Indian who grew up and lived through Apartheid, I am determined to never allow myself to forget, to speak up, show up and continue the work to do better and be a better human. 

I have learned so much over the last few weeks and will continue to do. I am appreciative of my Blogger / Instagram family for educating me and keeping me informed on not only the fun stuff but also serious life changing things too. Thank you. I leave you with these powerful poems and quotes. ❤️❤️❤️✊?✊?✊?✊?