Regrowing Veggie Scraps

Instead of composting my celery stems. I decided to regrow them.  I also regrew some green onions and I’m so pleased with the results. 

They grew quite quickly, and once the roots came in I potted them in some soil.  Have you tried propagating veggie scraps?

Give it a try.  Here are some helpful tips to propagate your veggie scraps successfully:
– Keep in bright indirect sunlight
– Change water every 1-2 days to prevent them from smelling
– Fill water to only cover the roots .
– Transplant them from water into soil as soon as they show roots and new green growth.

If you have propagated veggie scraps what veggies did you regrow?

6 thoughts on “Regrowing Veggie Scraps

    • Nikki says:

      Hi Peta. I love your veggie garden. Those peppers look good. Hope your tomato plant grew more tomatoes for you to enjoy. ❤️

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