Keeping your Outfit Spot On!

Happy first day of Spring beauties.  Today, I’m sharing one of my favorite dresses. I like this dress because of the frilly girly look but most of all I love it because of the polka dots. I’ve always loved polka dots. The pattern is feminine, timeless, demure and quite easy to wear from day to night.

Polka dots have been around a long time so it’s not really a ‘trend’. This pattern always seems to circle back just as much as stripes. When I was a kid my mom and I had matching polka dot dresses. Whenever we wore our dresses, she always nailed her polka dot look by keeping her silhouette modern and her dots a little smaller than mine. She looked chic and elegant in her dress while I, let’s just say-looked age appropriately cute.

So, I am taking a page from my mom’s fashion diaries by adding my own flair. I thought I’d rock my dress with a leather moto jacket, a belt, fishnets and some booties.

No matter what your size, height or shape add your own stylish flair. Rock what your mamma gave you and OWN it.

Have a great week beauties



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Photo Credit:  Andrew Swaine



47 thoughts on “Keeping your Outfit Spot On!

  1. Pentene says:

    You look absolutely stunning in this polka dot dress! I’m a fan of polka dots too, but I think the smaller the better for a day to night look. I love that you paired it with the moto jacket. Very chic! Thanks for sharing your beautiful style with us.


  2. Thenia says:

    When I was I child I didn’t like polka dots but now I am a fan!
    Love this dress and you look gorgeous as usual dear!


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