6 Reasons to Switch from Plastic to Glass Food Storage Containers

With all the cooking and baking Andy and I have been doing, we needed to find an organized way to store all of our leftovers safely.  We both were spending way too much time rummaging through the refrigerator looking for something to eat or ingredients to cook.  So, we decided to ditch our plastic containers for glass.  I am so glad we did because there is no better feeling in the world than looking inside a clean and organized fridge.

Here are our 6 reasons to switch from plastic to glass food storage containers. 

  1. One of the things we loved right away is the ability to place hot food directly in the glass container. No more waiting around for food to cool first before transferring.
  2. It is better for the environment.  It is challenging eliminating plastic completely from our lives but it is possible to reduce the amount of plastic we use.
  3. Using glass containers is better for your health.  Glass unlike plastic does not contain chemicals like BPA (bisphenol A) and PVC (phthalates) that can contaminate your food.
  4. Easier to clean. Glass food containers can be safely washed at high temperatures in your dishwasher.
  5. Glass is transparent making it easier to see what you got in your refrigerator.
  6. Glass food containers are microwave safe. We can microwave and eat food from the same glass container, which means less dirty dishes.

Do you have these containers? Any other glass food storage containers you recommend?


17 thoughts on “6 Reasons to Switch from Plastic to Glass Food Storage Containers

  1. Sonali says:

    I am going to pickup a few glass storages for fridge. I often use stainless steel for storage in fridge which they say consumes more energy. Have a great day

  2. Missy May says:

    Honestly I’m guilty of this. I love my plastic food storage containers. With my clumsy self, I be dropping glasses left and right that’s why I opt for plastic. I do understand what you saying though. I will try and switch gradually, sis. Thanks for the education.


  3. Rewthelean says:

    Great info! I’ve switched to glass and ceramic some while ago but still have a few plastic ones laying around. I will make the move entirely soon! Thanks for the reminder.

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