My Life in Denim

My love affair with fashion began with denim. It’s what I wear when I don’t know what to wear. It’s what I wear when I want to look hot for a night out, but also what I wear when I really want to stand out by dressing down and not playing up to the fashion scene.

For me there are endless ways to wear denim. The easiest way is with a simple, casual white T-shirt, but anything from a black turtleneck to a classic tank top is great.



I also wear a lot of cotton with my denim—it’s a fail proof look that works for dinner with heels but also for business meetings with flats.



Skinny jeans are the easiest for me. They go with everything. I also love the double denim look. Head-to-toe blue is always incredibly chic.


My favorite Fall denim look is the Trench. A look-at-me coat that makes any outfit impressive.


Another great Fall must have is the Agolde denim jacket from


Photo Credit:  Andrew Swaine